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Recipe administration

  • Entering of suitabilities, concrete families, exposition classes, product groups, components, discharge times for the scales, mixer closing times for small batches, other times


  • Aggregate, cement, additive, water 50 preset for each material, recording of silo stocks, data export for the stocks as text or Excel file (*.csv)

Master Data Administration

  • Administration of client addresses with name, location, search word, street, telephone, remarks and lock indicators, available by customer number or search word
  • Administration of building site data with correlation to the customer
  • Administration of the vehicle data including loading quantity, licence plate number, drivers’ names etc.

Processing of Orders

  • Processing of main orders and scheduled orders
  • Selection of printout: with actual values according to ZTV-ING or with advertising texts
  • Preprinting of delivery notes
  • Deletion of orders after termination separately selected or after an adjustable time period (max. 9,999 days)
  • Cash sale module: printout of the invoice on the delivery note

Material Disposition

  • Disposition for all components
  • Disposition via selection of single orders
  • Automatic quantity calculation

The TB-WIN SQL Process Control System consists of:

  • 1 Industrial PC
  • 2 LCD displays 22”
  • 1 Keyboard
  • 1 Mouse
  • 1 Remote maintenance modem
  • 1 USB stick for data backup
  • 1 Recovery DVD
  • 1 TB-WIN administration and process control software
  • 1 Windows 7 licence
  • 1 SQL database licence
  • 1 Soft PLC licence
  • 1 Software for remote maintenance
  • 1 MWS calibratable measured value memory