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Moreover, the sensor has an RS 232 data interface. You can connect your notebook with the sensor with an optionally available programming cable. With the analyzing software, you can adjust different average calculations.
The sensor signals are displayed graphically during the mixing process and the different voltages and current values can be shown. This helps to find errors.
The measured values of the sensor are output with 2 seperate 0-20 mA current outputs in the sensor. The first output is the raw signal in realtime.
The second output is an average value which has already been calculated in the sensor. With the RS-232 interface you can adjust the output of the measured value alternatively to 4-20 mA on output 2 (average).

It is also possible to output the measured values as voltage 0-10 V (2-10 V, output 2) if you connect a resistance of 500 Ohm. Extremely wear-resistant ceramics (10 mm thick) and robust electronics are special features of this sensor.

  • Technical data
    Supply voltage: 15 -24 V DC,
  • protected against voltage reversal
  • Power input: 250 mA
    Analogue output 1: 0-20mA
  • Measured value moisture
    Analogue output 2: 0-20mA (4-20mA)
  • Average value moisture
  • Programming interface: RS-232
  • Dimensions: height 121 mm
  • Dimensions: diameter 105 mm
  • Weight: 3,8 kg

Protection class: IP65

  • Features of the Bikotronic microwave sensors for concrete:
  • Wear plate(type 6 and 7)
  • Extremely wear-resistant ceramic plate, 10 mm (= 3/8”) thick over the whole surface
  • Suitable sensors for all types of mixers
  • Temperature stabile electronics from 0 to 60°C
  • Absolute linearity which makes it possible to measure precisely the moisture content of very dry concrete as well as very wet concrete