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High repeatability

The Tuning Curve

The distinct advantage of the Bikotronic Water Batching Control System BT-7000 is the creation of the tuning curve. Every time we enter a new recipe, the system will create automatically a recipe specific tuning curve. This ensures the highest possible accuracy for the preparation of each concrete mix. Since recipe specific tuning curves are automatically created and saved by the BT-7000, the operator does not need to edit or calibrate these curves by using complicated water/cement ratio calculations.

Temperature measurement

Typically, the amount of water to be added, to achieve a specific concrete property specification is based on a normal ambient temperature of approximately 20 °C (68 °F). To maintain the desired concrete quality at above normal temperatures, the BT-7000 not only measures the moisture content of the dry concrete mix, it also measures the temperature of the dry concrete mix. Temperature deviations are recognized and the amount of water added is adjusted in accordance to a temperature curve, which is stored in the background of the programme. This feature ensures the correct moisture content in the concrete, even at elevated product temperatures.

Remote maintenance

To help the customer with the troubleshooting of his mixing formulation and for the transfer of programme updates, a Bikotronic technician can access the BT-7000 remotely via a modem and the internet.

Control connection and specifications

The BT-7000 can be integrated into any batching control system. It is available as a 19” 4RU slide-in unit, as a hard box for mounting on mounting plates or as a common desktop computer unit.

One BT-7000 for 4 mixers

With the BT-7000 we can control up to 4 water dosing units of 4 mixers, operating at the same time, each preparing a different formulation.

Integrated sand moisture measurement

A sand moisture measurement with up to 8 sensors can be integrated into the BT-7000. The sand moisture values are then displayed directly in the BT-7000.

Programming of the BT-7000

The programming of the Water Batching Computer BT-7000 has been designed to be extremely user-friendly, in order to make the operation as easy as possible. To enter and set up a programme for a concrete formulation, we prepare a batch in the manual mode. During the dry mixing cycle, we enter the amount of water necessary to make a perfect mix. After confirming the added amount of water, the BT-7000 will run the mixer automatically through its mixing cycle. In the course of the programming mode, the BT-7000 creates and automatically stores in its memory a tuning curve, which will be typical for this particular concrete formulation. For any following concrete batch of the stored recipe, the amount of water will be accordingly calculated and correctly metered into the mixer.